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Friday, November 17, 2023

Keyboard with joysticks (part 6): joycon failure + psp 2000 review after week

Previous part: Part five

Today I have received 6 points FPC with 0.5 mm pitch and tried to use it with Joycon switch joystick. Soldered some wires and connected to RP 2040 zero, connected joystick, but no success. Tried different ways to wire, but it is not working for me. That’s kinda sad.


PSP 2000 after one week. I must say that mouse or touchpad is better in many situations. It is harder to click specific point with joystick than with mouse. Mainly the problem is that it is really hard to move cursor small distance as movement is not starting when you start to push joystick (this is PSP 2000 problem, not sure about other joysticks). It is still possible to use joystick for some tasks, but I would like to use it for all tasks.

At this point I will put this project aside and give some time for my head to figure out what to do next.