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Sunday, January 15, 2023

Drawer of Ideas: Morse keyboard

Disclaimer: I write down my business ideas that I can implement in a day or in the worst case less than a week. The principle is to figure out something simple but still useful. I may do or not do them in the future but I write them down to offload them from my head to make space for other ideas.

Idea: Morse keyboard that you can connect to computer via USB or Bluetooth.

Hire: someone might want to buy it for fun or for medical reasons.

Price: 100$ per item.

Direct Competitors: you can find some hacker done it, but no real product.

Indirect Competitors: morse keyboard apps on Android or iOS.

Why I think I can do it fast: I have already software and hardware https://blog.ffff.lt/posts/morsilka/

Blockers: For this price user might want something more sophisticated.