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Monday, March 11, 2019

Card-a-mon: Card Games Design Tool

UPDATE 2021-07-19: I have canceled “Card-a-mon” as I don’t have time to maintain and continue working on this project. Project is open-sourced if you want to continue it https://github.com/daliusd/cardamon.

Currently I’m working on new project Card-a-mon https://cardamon.ffff.lt. You can create card games using this tool. It allows to create card template and create number of cards using texts and images. Currently you can generate PDF file with your cards for print-and-play.

My current focus is on minor but important improvements. Tool in current state is absolutely usable but it will be even more convenient and easier to use.

After that I plan to create some tutorials and videos.

In the future I plan to add possibility to print games via various printing shops.